The last sovereign Zulu King, a female British missionary, an ambitious colonial official and a young Welshman are all voiced by actors to make AMASHINGA a beautiful and epic explanation of the British invasion of the Zulu Kingdom in 1879. It offers a compelling narrative of events that surround the battles dramatised in the films Zulu and Zulu Dawn.

Much of the Zulu narrative is in isiZulu. Voice actors guide the viewers using the actual words of Harriet Colenso, a British missionary, and Magema M. Fuze the first Zulu historian to publish in isiZulu. AMASHINGA is a beautiful film with a narrative which is hard to believe, but true.

What people have said about Amashinga

“A completely new way to make a documentary about a war”

“It is a piece of Art. I loved it.” 

“History meets Art”

“I thought I knew about these events but I learned so much more.” 

“Amashinga made me want to go to Africa.”


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